Push for the Park

Push for the Park

Push for the Park is Cinder’s fundraising campaign to raise support to reopen what was once home to so many- Cinder Skatepark.  We were more than just a skatepark to the city of Charlotte and its surrounding suburbs- we were a place for community to be established.  We and the local community recognize how great that loss is now that the park has been closed. We see the need to rebuild this skatepark to re-establish the community that was once held together by Cinder.  Skaters need a place to call home, and we want to build that home.

The cost to reopen the park is $85,000. Cinder has raised that much in the past, when we originally opened, and we have hope that it can be done again.  This time we are seeking support from the community. Individuals, skaters, parents, businesses, churches, and grants are all being pursued to reopen Cinder Skatepark.  There are many different ways of getting involved. There are many different ways of giving to the park.

Donating: This can be done directly through the website, facebook, or kickstarter. All three are valid ways of financially supporting the park, and are all ways to receive a tax deduction for your gifts.

Church Support:  The Cinder Project is considered a ministry to the skaters and the people of Charlotte. We reach people that would never think about walking through the doors of a church.  The Cinder Project is meant to be used as a tool for the Body of Christ. We look to the Body for that support as well.  If your church has skater or “issues” with skaters, then connect and partner with The Cinder Project to reach this community.

Community Support:  If you have an idea for a fundraiser (yard sale, car wash, bake sale, etc.), we would be more than happy to partner with you or your organization to help facilitate your fundraising event.

The Cinder Project is a faith-based organization that believes in sharing the love and peace of Christ. As Cinders, we simply live our lives full of light that shines on the people that come in contact with us. We love as He loves us.

We share a passion for the skateboarding community. We want to see it grow in this city. We want to see it grow with positive support.  We are not just building a place to keep kids off the streets, we are building a place that changes the kids that are on the streets.

Won’t you help us? Won’t you join the cause and give so that Cinder Skatepark can once again be a home?

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Push for the Park

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