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Hudson’s Story We remember this young guy first walking into the skatepark so many years ago. Uncertain but excited all at the same time.  With a sense of caution to his new surroundings, Hudson became friends fast with Cinder and soon found out that community exists in Christ where you can tangibly experience God’s Love. Read the Full Story
Moving on a Promise Society says keep moving.  People tell me to look to the future. Things will change and get better.  All words that are presumably meant to keep me going.  These words don’t aid in the processing of current emotions; instead they tend to be words that remove these debilitating emotions or black them out from my […] Read the Full Story
From Chile with Love About 2 years ago, while the park was still in operation, a young man walked into the shop and introduced himself as “Habacuc.”  After a couple back and forths of making sure I got the pronunciation correct, a conversation about skateboarding went down.  It eventually morphed itself into a conversation about God.  Low and behold, […] Read the Full Story
Trevor’s Story Trevor shares his story about how his life changed through meeting Jesus at Cinder.  This is just one of many stories that we will be sharing in the up and coming months here at Cinder.   See what God has done and continues to do through the ministry of The Cinder Project.   Read the Full Story
People Trevor Floyd

Trevor Floyd

Trevor has been apart of The Cinder Project since the beginning. He worked in the pro shop, monitored at the skatepark, helped with Momentum, participated in discipleship, and most recently, has become David’s “right hand man.”



Trevor’s story is one of redemption and grace. He became a delinquent soon after he started skateboarding. He basically just was following along with the culture around him. When Trevor came to the skatepark, all he cared about was being sponsored- he would ask David all the time if he could be on the skate team. David told Trevor that he needed to send in a skate video of himself, and write his testimony in order to be considered for the team. Trevor had no idea what David meant by a “testimony”, and as he puts it, he just wrote up a paper full of lies about what a good kid he was.

In his own words, Trevor said, “David isn’t stupid, but saw this as an opportunity to spread our Father’s love. So he accepted me into his team/discipleship group, me still having no clue what was really taking place. After meeting everyone from the team and and hanging out with them, I saw the way they lived for Christ, and I longed for that life. I asked Dave how to achieve that and he talked to me about God and what it means to be in a relationship with him. After our talk I gave my life to the Lord and felt like a completely different. My life had purpose and I  felt completely loved for the first time.  Later on I received my calling: to spread God’s love through skateboarding and music. Being a part of Cinder is the perfect opportunity for me because I am spreading the word of God through skateboarding and with Momentum (the youth service held at Cinder skatepark) I have opportunities to lead worship. I look forward to growing with Cinder and with my faith in the Father.”

Trevor’s story is the story of Cinder…We are so thankful that we have had an opportunity to play a role in Trevor’s response to the Father and in his growth in his faith. We look forward to seeing the Lord’s hand on Trevor’s life as he continues to pursue his dreams and passions.

If you want to get in touch with Trevor, contact him at


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