The Cinder Project is an official non-profit organization.  All donations made to The Cinder Project are tax deductible.

Push For the Park

All donations for Push for the Park will go directly into a savings account and will be put towards the rebuilding of the skatepark. You can donate to Push for the Park here or on Facebook.  If you want to help get others involved in donating, we ask that you use Facebook, if you would like to remain anonymous, feel free use our paypal button below. Donate on facebook here. Donate on paypal here<

General Cinder Project Donation

It takes a general operating budget to continue the day-to-day needs of The Cinder Project.  These things include insurance, office supplies, web fees, and a host of small general expenses.  If you would like to make a general donation the The Cinder Project you can do it here.

Sponsor David and Meredith Tolentino

David and Meredith have been with The Cinder Project since its founding moments and continue to dream and work diligently to continue and expand the ministry of The Cinder Project.  They are able to do ministry because of’ donations.  Without specific sponsor support, they would not be able to do what they do for The Cinder Project.  No donation is too small or too big. Give one time or pledge monthly.  Thanks to all those who continue to sponsor and support the dreamers behind The Cinder Project. Donate here using paypal.

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Push for the Park

Help support the park by partnering in
this Push for the Park
Online fundraising for Push for the Park

Every Shirt sale goes directly to the Push for the Park Fund. Get your's today and get us one step closer to opening!
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