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Hudson’s Story

We remember this young guy first walking into the skatepark so many years ago. Uncertain but excited all at the same time.  With a sense of caution to his new surroundings, Hudson became friends fast with Cinder and soon found out that community exists in Christ where you can tangibly experience God’s Love.

From Chile with Love

About 2 years ago, while the park was still in operation, a young man walked into the shop and introduced himself as “Habacuc.”  After a couple back and forths of making sure I got the pronunciation correct, a conversation about skateboarding went down.  It eventually morphed itself into a conversation about God.  Low and behold, Habacuc and his wife Liz were missionaries to Chile, sharing the love of Christ to the hundreds of street kids that were outside in the plaza near their home.  Part of this street culture was skateboarding, and this guy has a passion for these lost street kids.   I instantly was moved and wanted to help in any way that I could.  We started taking donations for Habacuc’s ministry: boards, wheels, trucks, whatever our customers didn’t want anymore that was still usable. We sorted, boxed, and shipped to Chile boxes of gear to Habacuc so he could distribute and bless his skaters.  Now as things look different for us here in the States,  the seeds of giving can still be seen, as they are being watered by Habacuc and Liz. You can check out their ministry at Urban Action.  Maybe we will see some new Cinders as a result of a possible future trip to Chile with our team!

It is the stories that we hear back from the people around us that keep the fires of Cinder going.  If you have a story, we would love to hear it.  Just drop us a line on our contact page.

These are just a handful of the girl skaters to which Habacuc and Liz minister.  It is amazing stuff. I think there are more skate girls in this picture than there are in the entire state of North Carolina! Keep up the great work Habacuc and Liz!

Trevor’s Story

Trevor shares his story about how his life changed through meeting Jesus at Cinder.  This is just one of many stories that we will be sharing in the up and coming months here at Cinder.   See what God has done and continues to do through the ministry of The Cinder Project.


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