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Hudson’s Story We remember this young guy first walking into the skatepark so many years ago. Uncertain but excited all at the same time.  With a sense of caution to his new surroundings, Hudson became friends fast with Cinder and soon found out that community exists in Christ where you can tangibly experience God’s Love. Read the Full Story
Moving on a Promise Society says keep moving.  People tell me to look to the future. Things will change and get better.  All words that are presumably meant to keep me going.  These words don’t aid in the processing of current emotions; instead they tend to be words that remove these debilitating emotions or black them out from my […] Read the Full Story
From Chile with Love About 2 years ago, while the park was still in operation, a young man walked into the shop and introduced himself as “Habacuc.”  After a couple back and forths of making sure I got the pronunciation correct, a conversation about skateboarding went down.  It eventually morphed itself into a conversation about God.  Low and behold, […] Read the Full Story
Trevor’s Story Trevor shares his story about how his life changed through meeting Jesus at Cinder.  This is just one of many stories that we will be sharing in the up and coming months here at Cinder.   See what God has done and continues to do through the ministry of The Cinder Project.   Read the Full Story
Cinder skates at R.I.O.T.

Cinder skates at R.I.O.T.

Our booth at R.I.O.T.

David and I went to the R.I.O.T. youth conference last week in Huntersville, NC to set up a fundraising booth for Cinder. One reason for participating in R.I.O.T. was to share the passion that the Lord has given us to restart Cinder.  We had the opportunity to tell many people about the situation Cinder is currently in. We were amazed by how they genuinely responded in a positive and supporting way. We also brought a rail from the park and skated with the kids in the parking lot before the conference started. We got to meet a bunch of cool kids- Chris, Luke and more! It was really awesome seeing such young people living their lives for Christ!

Before the service started, Pastor Chris took David and I on a tour of the church, showing us all these neat things like the skate ramps they have, and the backstage room. When we got backstage, we reviewed some questions to to aid me so I would be prepared to share my testimony. Pastor Chris decided that he wanted to continue with his Saturday Night Live theme and have me sit on a couch, with him at a desk, asking me questions that pertained specifically to my testimony. By doing it this way, nothing was left out. The pastor who spoke at the conference was very energetic and had good points that were directly towards the student group there. The best way to describe him would be to imagine a stand-up comedian preaching the Gospel. There was an improv group that performed that was funny and great at their craft!

After the conference ended, we had a lot of people come and talk to us, wanting to know more about the ministry.  I also had people come up to me and share their testimonies that were similar to mine and how it gave them inspiration knowing they are not alone in their situations. The next day we brought Robert Thomas, a Cinder team discipleship member. Dave and I are not what we used to be on a skateboard, so we thought Robert could be more entertaining in that area. He had a really great time connecting with people and sharing the love of our Father.

Trevor and Robert messin' around

When the second day ended, Robert and I were skating in the parking lot in the dark. That in itself was a bad idea. We were doing tricks on one of those parking blocks. I tried to do a simple Axle Stall on it and my board flipped over it and my feet went above my head and I landed on my back on the concrete block. I immediately stood up out of reaction but then my body locked up.  I couldn’t move and I knew something was wrong. I hobbled to the car and Dave took me back to my car in Charlotte. My mom works with CT scanners, so she was able to tell me what was wrong. I had a small fracture in my sacroiliac joint causing extreme pain when I moved my right leg or back even a hair. I was on pain meds and muscle relaxers and I was told I would be on crutches for a few weeks. They said I should take it really easy when I walked for a month and no skating for 2 months. Well, I was really bummed out about this.  I asked David to pray for me, and 2 days went by of not moving. Then came Friday.  I hopped out of bed and put my clothes on and ran downstairs with my usual energy.  I got into my car and went to the gas station. As I was walking in I realized- wait a minute, I was walking!!!!!  So I called Dave and told him and we praised the Lord for healing me!

Not only was my story to be shared with the students, but the Lord also worked it out so that I could also have a token of His love this week also.  Just when I thought that this week would end with sadness (a lot of the people were bummed that I couldn’t make it there on Wednesday night), the Lord even knew how to redeem a lame accident.

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